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Before your visit

Before coming to your appointment please ensure the following are done to help make everything go smooth and quickly for you:

  • Advise reception staff what the appointment is about if you are able to, so that they can better match you to the best doctor as well as arrange the best time and appointment length.

  • Please call ahead to advise reception if your appointment is for any of the following (If booked via Hotdoc please call reception to make sure you have done the correct booking type):

      - Skin checks (and male or female doctor preference)

      - Medical marijuana

      - Drivers license medical

      - Commercial drivers license medical

      - Pre-Employment medical

      - Immunisations (for yourself or for your children)

      - Ear microsuction

  • If you are having a procedure done please bring a means for payment on the day as most procedures are now requiring out of pocket fees. (Fees are usually discussed with the treating GP at the time of booking the procedure)

  • Bring any relevant referral letter from your own doctor, copies of previous reports and results.

  • Bring a valid copy (physical or digital) of your medicare card or government concession cards.

  • Ensure you wear a mask to the clinic, unless you can provide a mask exemption letter. 

  • If you have any cold or flu like symptoms, please ensure you do a COVID19 RAT test prior to attending the practice. We are taking cold & flu appointments via telehealth for existing patients, to minimise spread of infections.

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