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Fee & Billing Arrangements

We are a mixed billing practice. We offer bulk billing for eligible patients and services only (see fees list or call our reception for more information)

Please click HERE to see our Fees List!

All skin checks remain bulk billed.

Skin procedures generally have associated out of pocket fees. The fee for the procedure depends on the type of surgery, time required to do the procedure, the complexity of the procedure, and the dressing/materials required. The fee will be discussed with you by the doctor initially and also the details of the procedure before it is booked.

Wound repair with suturing will incur out of pocket fees.

Most follow up appointments after the procedure for suture removal and dressing changes will be


Existing patients with a valid Pension card, are under the age of 16 and are over 65 will remain Bulk Billed.

Discounted rates are available for new and existing Healthcare Card holders.

Bulk Billed:

- Skin checks

- Skin biopsy

General consults will continue to be bulk billed for eligible patients.

Please contact the practice to find out if your appointment will have any fee's attached. 

Out of Pocket Fees:

- General consults (including telehealth), if no pension card

- Cervical Cancer Screening ('Pap Smear')

- Skin cancer surgery

- Cosmetic mole removal

- Removing benign growths like cysts or lipomas  

- Skin grafting/ Flap surgery

- Skin tag removal using surgical techniques

- Treating other benign skin lesions with skin procedures

- Removing moles from anywhere 

- Iron infusions 

- Ear microsuction and ear treatments

- Wound repair that requires suturing (skin cuts and injuries)

- Ingrown toe nail surgery

- Foreign body removal 

Ear Microsuction/Ear Toilet (removal of wax or for treating ear infection):

Single ear : $150* 

Both ears: $170*

* Medicare rebates available for patients with a valid Medicare card. 

Work Cover Injuries for an approved workcover claim - no cost to patient

Other Procedures.

Please call our friendly reception team to discuss any possible costs which may incur on procedures

Medicinal Cannabis 

This is a private fee and is NOT bulk billed. Fee's will be discussed at your first consult with the Doctor

DNA (Do not attend) fees are as followed

If you fail to give adequate notice if you are unable to attend a booked/confirmed appointment a $40 fee will be payable.*


*This MUST be paid in FULL before any future appointments are accepted

1 hour minimum notice of cancellation is required to avoid incurring these fees

All notices will be sent via email or post and must be paid prior to any further appointments

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