Fee & Billing Arrangements

Browns Plains Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical care. Our clinic generally bulk-bills skin checks, and treatment of skin cancers. Only very large or complicated time consuming skin surgeries will incur extra costs, this will be explained to you by the doctor you see on the day that you have your skin check. Generally, any procedures that does not deal with skin cancers, such as harmless cysts, birthmarks, harmless moles, skin tags, lipomas, and other similar surgery will incur some out of pocket costs. Procedures that are mainly cosmetic, such as removal of a skin tag, or a mole that is not a skin cancer, cannot be fully bulkbilled, and will incur out of pocket costs. If you are not sure, kindly book with our friendly doctors to have a skin or mole check, and they can advise you what options are best for you. Any fees will be discussed with you by the doctor that sees you. 

Vasectomy  Procedure:

Vasectomy: $650.00*

Ear Microsuction / Ear Toilet (removal of wax):

Single ear : $60 

Both ears: $80


Other Procedures.

Please call our friendly reception team to discuss any possible costs which may incur on procedures.

* Fee excludes GST