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Ear Clinic


Hearing tests available on site

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We have an advanced ENT microscope for examining and cleaning ears. This type of machine is normally used by ENT specialists to treat ear problems  

Ear Micro-suction is a very gentle and pain-free way to remove ear wax and fix ear infections. It is a better and safer way than ear syringing to remove wax. Ear Microsuction does not put any water inside the ear. 

Dr Ali also has experience in treating difficult to treat ear infections, like swimmers ear (otitis externa) and fungal ear infections.

We also have audiologist on site from Bloom Hearing Specialists, and can arrange for a hearing test if required.

Hearing tests are bulk billed for concession card holders. Call us to book for a hearing test, on 07 3445 3111.

If your ears are itchy, painful or blocked; book in now with one of our trained Doctors.

This service incurs an out of pocket fee, please speak to our friendly receptionist. 

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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