General Practitioner Services

We provide a wide range of services to suit the need of each individual and families.

Doctor and Patient
Vasectomies and
Tongue Tie Procedures

We now offer this service in clinic.

Skin Cancer

Here at the Skin Cancer Clinic, we use the Mole Scan system to see every detail of your skin and provide a thorough Skin Check.

Iron Infusions

Feeling tired or fatigued? You may have iron deficiency, and we offer iron infusions as a fast treatment for this. 

Cosmetic Mole Removal 

Here at the Skin Cancer Clinic, we offer removal of all kinds of unusual / unsightly or irritating skin lesions. Not all skin lesions are cancer, however we can often offer you various ways to remove or treat any kind of unusual skin lesion. Generally these procedures incur an out of pocket cost.